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Securing adequate construction funding is paramount to ensuring the
timely completion and success of any infrastructure project.

Explore superior alternatives to propel your business's growth

If you’re expanding your construction business, managing operating costs can be a source of stress. While the construction industry offers immense potential, navigating its challenges is no easy feat.

At Icon Business Capital, we specialize in addressing your working capital needs, empowering you to retain control over your business’s growth trajectory.”

Financial solutions for the construction business

Throughout our tenure, we’ve effectively delivered working capital solutions to numerous industry enterprises. We grasp the critical necessity of accessible funds for the uninterrupted functioning of your machinery, both in practicality and symbolism.

Running a thriving construction business demands optimal staffing, operational equipment, and continuous inventory replenishment. Recognizing these pivotal elements, we streamline our application process and offer flexible repayment terms to furnish the necessary working capital for your business

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What you need to know before you get started:

No collateral required
No impact on your credit score
No application fee
Funding within 24 hours

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