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Securing a Short-Term Loan
Is Easier Than You Might Expect.

Short-term business loans are usually repaid within two years or less, depending on the loan terms. They are ideal for handling unexpected expenses or providing a financial boost during a slow season or gap period. Businesses often utilize these loans to enhance working capital, invest in new inventory, buy new equipment, or finance marketing activities. Short-term loans offer quick and easy access to funds and typically feature more flexible underwriting criteria compared to long-term loans.

How Much Capital Can Your Business Use Right Now?

long-term loans

You Pay Interest On The Funds You Use -
Not The Whole Thing.

Long-term business loans, lasting 5-20 years, can help finance your ambitions. These loans typically offer fixed or adjustable interest rates and often require collateral like real estate for security. The extended repayment term translates to lower monthly payments compared to short-term loans. This eases your cash flow while providing the capital you need to expand. Consider a long-term loan if you’re planning a significant business expansion or the next stage of your long-term goals. The manageable monthly payments make it easier to budget for your growth.

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What you need to know before you get started:

No collateral required
No impact on your credit score
No application fee
Funding within 24 hours

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Apply securely online

Visit our Apply now page and start the application process. It’s simple, quick and easy and most importantly, completely secure. We only require 3 recent business bank statements to begin the funding application.


Select a funding plan

We start by assigning a business funding specialist to determine exactly what your borrowing needs are. Next, we’ll design a program focused on your funding request and desired repayment terms.


Receive Your funds

After you receive your funds, begin the repayment process. Our team will always be available for any future funding requests. For any future funding, our renewal funding specialists are on standby for all your upcoming funding needs. Just call us or visit our Apply now page.